Amy Butler's Blossom

Amy Butler

This pattern, design, and style inspiration book is a bindup of the first two issues of Amy Butler's online-only magazine, Blossom, which launched in September 2012. The initial purpose of launching the online edition was to connect with fabric and sewing retailers who carry Amy's patterns and supplies. The retailers help customers make Amy's projects by stocking the items for projects that appear in the magazine. Retailers must join the free Blossom Club to get project-making tips (that can be taught to customers) and to be promoted by Amy as one of her members.

Blossom (the book) is filled with nearly 1,000 color-rich images, offering countless points of inspiration for Amy Butler fans as well as anyone who wants more visual guidance on mixing patterns and discovering new color combinations. A few essays by Amy and her network of like-minded designers are sprinkled throughout and speak to bringing design and style into your life as a form of positive, uplifting expression. Amy's mantra: Create Love. Be Kind. Express Beauty.

ISBN-13 9781452149516

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