Beastly Crochet

Brenda K.B. Anderson
  • Many of the projects are small and quick, ideal for gifts and instant gratification.
  • The patterns cover a wide range of projects from toys, to bags, to accessories, and children's wear.
  • The author's humorous writing creates a book that is as fun to read as it is to crochet from.

In this collection, author Brenda Anderson presents 23 accessories and toys, featuring furry monsters, carnivorous plants, killer robots, and menacing tiki figures. While there are some literal monsters in the bunch--toys and amigurumi--readers will discover a majority of projects that are wearable accessories and garments.

Brenda shows readers how to tackle all the sewing and applique techniques required in her patterns, including how to install zippers, as well as subtle tricks for achieving personality in your critters in "The Principles of Cuteness.

ISBN-13 9781596685741

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