Traveling Totes for Tots
One Size Only - Standard
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Lined tote is made from four different fabrics, has handles, side tabs with O-rings or D-rings, detachable shoulder strap with length adjusting slider, top zipper opening, top edge binding, and four lined outer pockets with elastic in casings. Front divided pocket has pleats at bottom edge, side pockets have center dart at bottom edge, and back pocket is concealed beneath a fold-out center panel with side zipper openings that holds a detachable changing pad. Purchased handles can be used in place of fabric handles. Mini tote is made from three different fabrics and a laminate fabric, has an inside pleated pocket with elastic in casing, zip-off changing pad that folds into tote and is held in place with elastic casings that are joined with hardware closures. Wet wipes and pacifier totes each have a flap with hook & loop closure and a side loop with swivel hookread more

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