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Pattern includes instructions for ten different flowers and pattern pieces for eight. Flower A: 4½" (11 cm) three layer tri-petal flower has gathered center with button. Flower B: 4" (10 cm) six layer daisy shape petals have gathered center with beads or button. Flower C: 2½" (6.5 cm) rose has folded leaves. Flower D: 4" (10 cm) and has two layers gathered and secured at center with bead or button. Flower E: Poinsettia has folded petals; large 5" (13 cm) poinsettia has three layers, small 4" (10 cm) poinsettia has two. Flower F: 4" (10 cm) large or 3" (7.5 cm) small has six scalloped folded petals attached at center with a bead. Flower G: 5¾" (15 cm) and petals have center darts, outer edges are finished with decorative over-edge stitches, and center has beads or button. Flower H: 3" (7.5 cm) and has S-shaped petals and a button center.read more

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