Palmer/Pletsch Perfectfuse™ Interfacing - Sheer, 1 Yard

60" Wide, 100% Polyester Weft Fusible Interfacing
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Ideal for silky blouse-weight fabrics and cotton shirtings as well as knits.

  • Perfect for lightweight fabrics—polyester, silk, cotton, stretch woven, and rayon.
  • Texture is fine and smooth enough to use with whites and sheers, yet has a crisp feel.
  • Fusing agent won't show through to the right side.
  • Perfect for collars, cuffs, and front facings on blouses and shirts.
  • Perfect for stabilizing bias neck facings and to add body to zippers in fine fabrics.
  • Does not need preshrinking and will not shrink or bubble with washing. (Do preshrink your fashion fabric before fusing.)
  • Available in ecru-white and charcoal-black.
  • Available in 1 yard and 3 yard (item PP853Y3) packages.

Shipping and handling: $2.00 each

Item shipped within the Continental U.S. only.