The Rhiannon Shirt

One Size Only - Standard
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The Rhiannon Shirt is an easy to sew design with only three pattern pieces! Features include raglan sleeves with an elastic band for a customized and comfortable fit. The neckline is easily adjustable during the construction process, making it a perfect and easy fit for anyone.

Choose from multiple variations such as a regular or high/low shirttail hem, with or without a ruffled or lace edge. Hand or machine embroidery can be added to lend extra texture to the neckline, or you can opt to do extra rows of straight stitching. Wear this shirt over a simple tank dress for a sophisticated look or with your favorite pair of jeans for chic yet casual appeal.

All Sizes In One Envelope
XXS - XXL: Bust (32 - 44), Waist (24 - 36), Hips (34 - 46)

Shipping: 1 pattern: $2.50, 2 patterns: $3.00, 3 patterns: $3.50, 4 patterns: $4.00, 5 patterns: $4.50, 6-12 patterns: $5.25

Item shipped within the Continental U.S. only.