Show Me How: Knitting

Susan Levin and Gloria Tracy

Learn to Knit with Mary Ruth! Mary Ruth and her brother Jacob visit their grandma. Suddenly a storm strikes, and all the lights go out. No television! No computer! Grandma saves the day by teaching Mary Ruth and Jacob how to knit.

In this box you will find two books about Mary Ruth and her adventures:

  • Knitting to the Rescue! A charming storybook about Mary Ruth, who learns to knit from her grandma during a blackout.
  • Mary Ruth's How to Knit Book Mary Ruth presents her step-by step instruction book for kids learning how to knit!

Recommended ages: 8-12.

ISBN-10 1933027272

Shipping: 1 book: $7; 2 or more books: $4 each

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Soft Cover
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