Super-Super Cute Crochet

Brigitte Read

Come and meet 35 brand-new dainty delights in Super-Super Cute Crochet, the must-have book that's packed with patterns to make a whole collection of furry friends. Each project is easy to do using just a few basic stitches, so even complete beginners will be making their own menagerie in no time. Author Brigitte Read introduces for the first time her special technique--brush crochet. Simply use a small brush on your finished toy to fluff it up and give an adorable finish. Brigitte also has innovative ideas and details to enhance the patterns, like the egg pouches for the just-hatched terrrapins or the reversible bat pattern that is friendly during the day, but a vampire at night. With five chapters covering a whole range of animals, from everyday pets to the colorful and curious, there's more than enough to keep any crochet hook busy! With straightfordward instructions, imaginative designs, a full techniques section, and gorgeous photography, this book is a must for anyone who loves cute, cuddly, and creative crocheting.

ISBN-13 9781907030253

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